Web Design & Development

Your Website is a 24/7 Lead Generator for Your Business

Over the last 2 decades the internet has made drastic changes to how consumers purchase, businesses find services, and how the world interacts. Your website is your online business card that helps people learn about you, what you offer and why they should do business or purchase from you. 

Beyond Marketing started over 20 years ago has a web design and development company. Building an online presence, ecommerce shop, or educational resources for consumers and businesses has been an integral part o what makes Beyond Marketing successful and how our clients continue to work with us year after year. Once your website is completed, it has to be maintained, updated, and evolve as your business and the industry evolves. 

Beyond Marketing can help you achieve ongoing success with your online presence through a comprehensive and effective website that is continually updated and maintained to bring you the best clients and consumers. 

Our Process

Since your website is an online extension of your business, we dive deep into your business, we want to know the mission, vision, goals, KPI measurements, services, target audience, branding and messaging. 

At the beginning of your work with Beyond Marketing we go through a series of onboarding steps that ensure we have all necessary access, all details about your business and audience, and analysis everything about your business. 

After we’ve got your onboarded we create a web development strategy. This strategy will help us to have a cohesive plan and approach to the build out (or redesign) of your website. 

Once we have a strategy and plan, we develop a SOW to help you have a full grasp and understanding of what exactly you can expect. This is an addendum to your contract. Unlike most companies, we add the SOW AFTER we’ve created your strategy to ensure that all necessary elements are included in the SOW. Each of our SOWs are specific and individualized. We do not use a generic SOW (or strategy).All businesses are not built the same and neither is the work we do for each of our clients. 

We utilize a trello board and slack to keep you aware of all aspects of your web development process. Each stage of the process; the checklists we use and the work we are doing. We hold either a weekly or bi-weekly checkin and a once a month review call to ensure that we are all on track to meet deadlines and deliverables. 

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