Digital Analytics & Reporting - What Is It?

Have you ever received an email, report with data and just didn’t understand what you were looking at? Chances are that is digital analytics and reporting information to help your team make informed decisions on the best next steps for your business, your marketing efforts and ultimately your bottom line.



Digital Analytics & Reporting allows you to truly understand how your marketing efforts are working. What is working offsite and onsite. Where can you improve your business. what is the best next steps; all of these are formed based on analytical data and reports. Our team at Beyond Marketing focuses on the analytical data that backs our strategies and the results we provide our customers. 


When reviewing analytics and creating reports; we look at every avenue of data available for your specific marketing strategies, google analytics for your website, google search console for your search results, facebook ad and google ppc campaign reports, social media engagement data, etc. Whatever tools you are using in digital media we analyze the data and provide detail reports, summaries and understanding of business impact. 



Why Digital Analytics & Reporting is Important

If you’re in business you know that the numbers are everything. The numbers tell us what we don’t see in the day to day activities. The numbers tell us what is working, what’s not working and what the next step in your business should be. Why would you continue to waste money on a strategy or tactic that is not returning your investment. You wouldn’t, the only way to know this is to analyze the data. 


We analyze the data, we make projections on the data, and we make recommendations on the next step in your marketing strategies to ensure that you are gaining the most ROI, and increasing your companies revenues and bottom line. 


if you aren’t looking at the numbers in detail, with full analysis, why not? Are you considering every aspect of your analytics and reporting or just the sales numbers? Let our team of experts review and provide monthly digital analytics & reporting in alignment with your sales and expenses to ensure that you are seeing a positive ROI and increasing your leads, prospects and sales. 


Google Analytics

If you own a website and have not attached Google Analytics to your website you are losing valuable data and insights into how your website is performing. Google Analytics will tell you more than just the number of visitors to your website. Google Analytics gives your conversion metrics, lets your know the best performing pages (and the worst performing pages), where your traffic is coming from, demographics and so much more. 


Google recently launched a new tag format called GA4. This format replaces the old tag Universal Analytics or the UA tag. If you’ve installed the UA tag, after June 30, 2022 that tag will no longer register data. You will have to migrate to the new GA4 tag. We can help you. We can set up the necessary tags, reporting and insights to ensure you are able to determine the effectiveness of your website. 


Need a Consultation to Determine How Digital Analytics & Reporting Can Help You?