Business Development is NOT Sales Development (or Sales)

Has your sales funnel dried up? Have you run out of leads? Now may be the time to look into business development opportunities. business-development-partnerships-marketing-business-consulting-sales-strategies Business Development is NOT Sales Development or Sales (although we can help there). Business Development revolves around the creation of partnerships, new markets, new growth areas, and expansions. 

Business Development is how you can take your business to the next level. It allows you to take that stagnant chart of sales and get it moving again. New revenue sources, new markets, partnerships and expansions can be the key to where you need to go. While development is closely tied to sales, it is not the same. Business growth stems from development and can include some various marketing elements such as buyer personas, brand awareness and leaning on your market and industry trends. 

Our team at Beyond Marketing looks into your current markets, sales strategies, revenues, and the industry and provides a clear cut path to the next level for your business. 

We look into the areas you may be neglecting, may not realize are opportunities, or even new emerging markets and trends for your industry and business. Sales relates to the actual selling of the product or service your team offers, but the leads are formed through partnerships and closely working together with your business development team to establish an understanding of how best to sell to your audience and where new growth may come from. 

This position can be held in house, or you can outsource it to a consulting agency, such as us. We can also work with your internal business development team to uncover new potential partnerships through our network of businesses and industry experts. The process involves a number of steps taken within your business, including effective growth, revenue boosts, relationship building and lead nurturing. 

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