Marketing: Know Your Audience


As a marketing strategist, I hear a lot of business owners who haven’t identified their audience, don’t know who their audience really is, or how to reach their audience.

The most important element of your marketing strategy and successful business is the audience. Your audience is the reason you are in business. The audience is who buys your product or service. The audience is who keeps your business going. Your audience is the backbone of your business.

If you have a connection to your audience, your business will be successful. But first …. you have to know who your audience is. And you are probably going I know my audience, it’s women. It’s business owners. It’s children. It’s car drivers. And that’s a start, but those audiences are far to broad to allow you to really reach your audience and target them with what matters.

Understanding what your audience struggles with is what truly allows you to connect with your audience. If you can identify the problem you solve; share how you solve it; and provide value along the way, you’ve built something that will grow and succeed.

Developing a killer audience can be done in a few steps, and I didn’t say simple; because this is in no way a simple task.

  1. look back at who you used to be. When identifying your audiences; make sure that you are specific, that your message connects with them. Your audience needs to feel the connection to you.
  2. dig deep into who you want to work with. Be clear about who you are wanting to work with. Identify the key attributes about them that makes you want to work with them.
  3. face your fears. You are struggling with your audience because your fearful of your own background. You may be fearful of success and be self-sabotaging. You have to be able to dig deep and face the fears to hone in on your audience.
  4. identify who would use what you offer. Who are they? What kind of money do they have? Why would they want what you offer? looking at all the demographic pieces will help you identify who you want to work with.
  5. what problem do you solve. If you identify the problem you solve and work that into the other 4 factors you will build your killer audience. You are addressing an issue that people want to solve that will appeal to your audience.

These steps are great for identifying your audience and also connecting with your audience.