Preventing Burnout in Business Starts with Self Love

I know it happens, we all get to the point of exhaustion and pretty soon we find ourselves looking at the clock counting every second to leave work or worse snapping at our loved ones. There’s a lot on our plates and now with recent events, more people are getting burnt out. Many of us are now working from home with the added stress of keeping the kids quiet during our zoom meetings and praying they have clothes on when...

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Marketing: Know Your Audience


As a marketing strategist, I hear a lot of business owners who haven't identified their audience, don't know who their audience really is, or how to reach their audience. The most important element of your marketing strategy and successful business is the audience. Your audience is the reason you are in business. The audience is who buys your product or service. The audience is who keeps your business going. Your audience is the backbone of your business. If you have...

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Why Your Business Needs a Growth Strategy


As business owners, entrepreneurs and even CEOs, we build a lot of strategies. We think of the various things our business needs to to grow. This may include manpower, leadership, organizational, marketing, sales and even financial strategies. But we often times forget that we forget the key strategy to building our businesses. A strategy that will determine where you are going and how to get there. Your business needs a growth strategy. Your business needs a growth strategy, regardless of...

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