Sales vs. Marketing

I am a Marketing Strategist. I am not a Sales Person.

I can’t sell anything, except marketing well because I know marketing better than I know myself. But the biggest confusion that people have is thinking that marketing is sales or sales is marketing. Yes they do go hand in hand, but they are not the same.

Marketing is defined as “communicating the value of a product, service or brand to customers or consumers for the purpose of promoting or selling that product, service, or brand.” Now you do see the word SELLING, but you also the word PURPOSE OF … Marketing is the understanding the audience, what they relate to, what drives them and what pains them. It is also important to note that marketing is making your audience feel like the service or product your business provides is a NEED, not a WANT.

Sales is defined as to give or hand over (something) in exchange for money. Sales is the actual transaction that occurs when I client realizes the product or service you offer is a NEED, not a WANT. When your marketing is effective, and your messaging statements, promotions, advertising, and other efforts resonate with your potential client or customer, then your engage in the process of selling.

Marketing is the phases of your business before you sell anything. Marketing includes 4 p’s to help you identify: Product, Price, Promotion, Place. And finally, there is audience. Your audience helps dictate everything. If you don’t identify with your audience, you won’t be able to identify the right products, with the right price, in the right place, with the right promotions.