Don’t Give Up Just Because It’s Not Working … NOW

As a fellow small business owner, having been in business nearly 20years, I wanted to share my key piece of advice that I give to all my clients. Along with debunking a few myths along the way.

There is no such thing, as overnight success. It takes years to accomplish, and even then, it takes years of struggle, years of heartache. But in the end, it is all worth it.

As a marketing professional, I have to repeatedly inform clients, that they cannot expect us to launch a marketing program and have instant success. Results take time. And we may not get it perfect the first time and have to tweak along the way. That’s what marketing is.

Success does not have some secret hidden formula. But it does have a few key ingredients.







Thick Skin.

These few ingredients are the requirements to be successful. This applies to more than just your business venture. This applies to all elements of your business idea. The plan, the staff, the owner. If you are willing to work on these few ingredients and make them your best attributes of you and your business plan, then you will succeed.

NO, you won’t succeed immediately, that only happens in movies. It will still take time, and as you go through the battles, struggles, triumphs, and victories these few attributes will improve too.

No plan is flawless. No business is flawless. No person is flawless.

But if you work that plan, work your business, and work yourself. You will succeed. Not today, not tomorrow, but sometime.

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