3 Must Dos for a Killer Launch

Whether you are new to the program launch scene or a veteran you are going to have questions about your launch.

There are three things that you must do to have a killer launch.

  1. you must have a freebie that leads into your sales page to capture those who don’t purchase right away. Let’s be real, 75% of your potential customers aren’t ready to purchase when they land on your sales page and if you don’t have a way to capture those leads and follow up with them throughout the launch and promotion periods then you’re losing those potential customers, and not to mention everybody loves a freebie. Your freebie should be something that intrigues them into purchasing the program. For example a checklist that is part of the program and covered in more detail in the program.
  2. A marketing strategy is a must. You have to know the perfect customer profile, in detail. You have to know how to reach the, and what to do when your in front of them. You have to know their triggers and pain points and provide the, the specifics to how your program can help those pain points. Your strategy should be well thought out and planned. It should include promotions, messaging, audience profiles, budgets, and more.
  3. An email marketing plan is critical, remember the freebie and 75% of the audience you miss because they aren’t ready to purchase? You need to have multiple email marketing targeted specifically to different groups. Those already on your list, those who are already customers or clients, and those who landed on your freebie page but didn’t actually purchase the program yet. During your program launch its okay to send more than normal or for users who are in multiple “groups” to receive different emails regarding the program. You will probably lose scribes but the thing to remember is that they weren’t part of your ideal market any ways.

It’s important for you to remember that launches are designed to weed out those who have no interest in your services overall. There may be a time when they did. It’s also a time to showcase what you can offer them. A solid plan will help you to launch your program into superstar success.