Always Have a Backup Plan

So let’s talk backup plans …

Really. Yes. Did you think I was going to tell you that everything is going to go right the first time? Backup plans are for losers and failures?! Well I’m not.

Backup plans are CRITICAL to every thing you do in your business (and life, but this is a business blog).

While, we would love for everything to go off without a hitch and work exactly as designed and without flaw, and be widely successful; it won’t.

Your upcoming product launch could fail.

Your latest blog post could get zero readers.

Your newest webinar could yield zero results.

Or you yourself could fall flat while doing a new video.

Whatever the case, ALWAYS have a backup plan. And I don’t mean abort mission or abandon ship. I mean what are you going to do when your struggling to get the results you hoped you would get from your latest endeavor?

For this post, let’s talk backup plan for your DIY website.

Let’s use this scenario:

You’re on a tight budget, so you decide to develop your own website. You’re using wordpress and so far so good. Everything is working well, things are looking good.

When BAM! you install a plugin and things start acting funny. Or maybe that plugin requires some “special” stuff done to it. Whatever it is, you’re on the verge of throwing your laptop out the window and into the trash can outside.

What do you do? Do you throw the laptop? Of course not, that would be silly. You start spending hours and hours looking for a solution, trying to “fix” what happened to your awesome website you were working on.

This is where your “backup plan” comes into play. You’re forte IS NOT web development or design, if it was that would be your business. Don’t spend extra time and essentially LOSING money in your business by trying to fix something that an expert can do in a fraction of the time. This is true regardless of what your backup plan is for.

Your backup plan can sometimes be to just go back to the drawing board and improve your copy. Change your launch plan. Modify your marketing strategy. And the most important thing you can do with any backup plan — have resources and experts in your back pocket. Sign up for tools & resources that can help you to leverage the pieces of the plan you do not have an immediate answer for. And honestly, if you subscribe to these tools ahead of time; you may get the right offer at just the right time (when you need it most and not even realize it.)

If your copy doesn’t have what you need, find a free resources on improving your copy writing. If your launch plan is missing key elements, participate in a challenge. There are a number of resources to be part of your back up plan; then trying to keep going down the path that is causing you frustration.

As for our website situation previously used, build a relationship with web developers that you can turn to in times of need, I offer boot camps and extreme website courses to help you when the going gets tough in your website development. Use that to your advantage. I have a number of clients that self-manage their websites, then reach out in times of need. They pay a nominal fee or they are part of one of our programs where it’s included. These exist in just about every avenue and element of your business. Find them. Use them. It’s a time saver and a headache saver as well.

Don’t find yourself losing money and wasting time on pieces of the plan that are better suited for someone with that desired skillset.