5 Killer Ways to OWN Your Social Media Presence


Social Media can be a valuable tool for your business. Your Social Media Presence can be used in hundreds of different ways. I want to share with you the top 5 ways to use and kickass in social media. The key with all social media is to engage with your audience, period, here are a few ways to do just that! 

1) Engagement: a while back I wrote an entire post on rocking your social media with engagement. This is still the case. And one of the number #1 ways to build your social media presence and your business. If someone replies to your post, respond back, engage with them. Your initial post should have questions or ask for feedback. This is your chance to engage with your audience. Regardless of the platform you use – engaging with your audience is the best way to use social media. Even if it’s not your own post, if there is a Facebook post, YouTube video, tweet, TikTok video, Instagram photo, or periscope live video; commenting and engaging are keys to success in social media. 

2) Videos: it took me a while to learn this one. I am still warming up to videos, but they truly are an amazing way for your audience to connect personally with the authentic business you are. Videos are great for enhancing your social media connection, optimization and engagement. I try to do a video each week now in a way to get out of my box. The new app periscope is great for live video and really getting to be yourself. There are no outtakes or video updates. It really is great for being authentic and connecting with your audience. 

3) Visibility: people have to find you to know you are there. By getting seen and posting, sharing and spreading the love in social media, your audience knows who you are and you are being seen. Using all social media platforms help you be seen in search engines, in front of different audiences, with different messages allowing you to be visible in different medias, and improving your search engine optimization. 

4) Consistency: scheduling consistent post and emails will help with visibility and connecting with your audience. It doesn’t help your audience to connect with you every now and then, it doesn’t help your visibility if you only post every few days or send out an email every couple of weeks. You should be reaching out to your audience and potential customers frequently and consistently. Does that mean bombard them with emails daily, no (not unless your strategic about it and promoting something that has a short timeframe). 

5) Relationships: cultivating relationships is a huge part of your social media presence. Use the direct message feature, or conversations on posts, videos and images to cultivate relationships. You can also start relationships by engaging with your periscope videos. You can see who is there and they can chat with you and you can even tell them to email you or find you on Facebook etc. This is a great way to start relationships and continue to build them over time.

Social Media isn’t just about socializing with people you already know, it’s about stepping outside your comfort zone and engaging with people on your page, in your groups, and on your personal profile.

A lot of people won’t use their personal profile for business and don’t add business connections, I say go for it, it gives people an inside view of who you are outside of your business. You should never use social media for bashing or bitching. You should always post positive and share worthwhile information. So what will you do first to improve your social media connection?