Landing Pages | A Critical Component to Your Sales Funnel

Maybe you’re a little curious about what this is all about.

Landing pages, lead magnets, leadpages, and opt-ins, are essentially all the same thing. They are pages within your website with a specific purpose. That purpose is to capture visitor information, provide some copy and have a call to action. Most landing pages will provide a little bit of information, very high level, and after capturing the visitors information, they are redirected to a sales page with more details and the ability to buy. I say most because sometimes you aren’t selling anything, sometimes you just want to capture the visitors information.

Landing pages are designed to be uncluttered, conversion optimized, and specific. Maybe you are offering a free download, or maybe you’re selling something, either way, the first page you send someone to should be a landing page. Designed to capture visitors information.

Now you may be asking, why do a landing page if I’m going to do a sales page? Well, the answer is rather simple. Timing. If someone lands on your sales page WITHOUT going through a landing page first, and after reviewing all the information on your sales page, they don’t actually sign up … where did the lead go? They are gone. And because you didn’t capture their information first, you lost them.

Now maybe you have a pop-up on your sales page. I land on your sales page, and up pops this box to opt-in to something, what I don’t know. I’m probably just going to close it out. I want to get to what you are offering. And if I don’t have the money, or I can’t sign up right then, you’ve lost me as a lead.

Landing pages are one step in a sales funnel. And it’s important that you are using distraction free, audience specific, and calls-to-action with a form to gather visitors information.