12 Steps for Creating Copy that Converts

When you’re working on copy you want to create copy that converts. I’ve compiled 12 steps to generating Killer Copy that CONVERTS. That’s the important part. Converting is the important part of your website copy. Follow these 12 steps.

  1. Brainstorm your copy ideas.
    Your brainstorming should be words and ideas that are going to be prominent in your copy. Make a list of words. These words need to resonate with your audience. These words need to provide value and also have an emotional tug to your audience. These words will be used in landing page copy, the freebie, the social media promotions, your headlines, and even in your follow up email sequence.
  2. Get clear on your copy’s purpose.
    You need to have a very clear understanding of the purpose of your copy. What do you want the reader to feel? What do you want the reader to do? What is the purpose of the page, the freebie, the follow ups. They should all tie together.
  3. Know Your Audience.
    Knowing your audience is 1/2 the battle. If you know your audience you know what they want. You know how to appeal to them. If you can have a complete and thorough understanding of your audience then you can generate copy that they are attracted to. Copy that causes your audience to take action.
  4. Create a Powerful Headline.
    Using the words you’ve brainstormed; generate a powerful, attention grabbing headline. This headline should hook your reader. When generating your headline keep your audience in mind; and what they need to see first. You’ll want to create multiple headlines throughout the copy as well that keep your reader engaged.
  5. Give Useful Information.
    This helps to promote your freebie. This gives them information that validates your freebie and encourages them to get more information from the download. Don’t give away it all; but give away enough to establish your expertise.
  6. Set the Tone.
    You want to set the tone earlier on. You will want to take control of the conversation and set the tone as the expert. You don’t want to come off cocky; but you want to come off empathetic and understanding BUT also an expert who has the solution.
  7. Bring Out Positive Emotions.
    You don’t want to be negative; you want to touch on the positive emotions. You want to provide the emotion that they feel good about it. Sometimes using negative emotions can help to get them to take action; but sometimes the positive emotions are stronger and cause them to take action.
  8. Tell A Story, Share Your Learning.
    You want to tell a story about how this freebie/offer came about. You want to provide details that allow people into intimate details. It will help to build your credibility and support your relationship that you are working to build. It allows the user to feel a connection with you. It validates your expertise when you share what you’ve learned.
  9. Emphasize the Benefits.
    The benefits to the reader are important to be emphasized. You need to really emphasize the benefits to the reader. What will happen when they work with you; download your freebie or purchase your offer. How will they feel? These are the benefits to the reader.
  10. Prove Yourself.
    You need to share what makes you an expert. Your experiences, your successes, your client/customer success. This will help to build your reputation and keep your audience interested in taking advantage of what you have to offer. You need to prove yourself and establish the core of the relationship.
  11. Add a Sense of Urgency.
    You don’t want users to “think about it”. You want them to get engaged immediately so you can move them through your purchasing funnel. Providing the sense of urgency gets them involved and ready to move forward. You will want to give them a timeframe to take action.
  12. Test Your Copy.
    This is for you to make sure that your copy is relevant and converting. Create two pages and share the links in various locations to get them to take action; A/B testing will make sure that you are using copy that converts. If it isn’t not converting on one page move your focuses to the other page.