Are You Visible Enough

In my years of work with small business owners, the number one struggle for them is visibility.

Visibility is defined as “the degree to which something has attracted general attention; prominence”. This works for a number of elements in your Marketing of your business.

Overall Marketing Visibility
Social Media Visibility
Website Visibility

Marketing Visibility:

To be visible in your overall marketing visibility you need to send consistent email marketing, even if your email isn’t being opened by the viewer, the sheer fact that they have seen your name on a consistent basis, when your message finally resonates with the viewer, your ongoing visibility drives them to take action.

Consistent blogging, providing quality posts, with a value to the audience will help you to gain traction and visibility with your audience. Consistent, valuable blogging, will showcase you as an expert in your field.

Using these two elements in your overall marketing visibility will keep you visible in front of those who have signed up to receive information from you.

Social Media Visibility:

Nowadays, if you aren’t on social media either as a primary means of marketing, or as a secondary method, you are losing visibility and credibility. You should be posting to a social media platform daily.

Frequent but not overbearing posts to your social media platforms, keep you in front of your audience, even if the timing isn’t right yet. This helps your visibility. These posts can be on your personal page, your business page, or group pages.

There are a number of social media platforms you should be on: instagram, tiktok, Facebook, twitter, pinterest and LinkedIn. All of these help your visibility both in social media and website visibility.

Website Visibility:

Your website is a key element to your business. Google is the number 1 website and search engine. Google looks at your site for SEO purposes and ranks you accordingly. Your website should be updated with fresh content regularly (at least 2 times a month), and should be mobile ready.

Your site should be optimized for keywords that your audience searches for, speak their language, not yours or your industries. Your audience is coming to you for help and chances are they don’t know the industry terminology.

If your website isn’t optimized and can’t be found, then you can’t be found.

All of your marketing elements should work together to increase and improve your visibility. People don’t know you exist if they can’t find you.¬†