How to Use Social Media for Sharing

Social Media is different for everyone. Friends, Businesses, Family, and Politicians all use social media differently. But the one thing that makes all of our social media the same is the “sharing” aspect.
Friends share a status/funny stuff, businesses share information, families shares pictures, and politicians promote their views. 

This post comes from conversations I have had with my mom. It’s important that everyone understands the way to share information across social media. 

It doesn’t matter how many friends/followers/fans you have, what matters is that those people have friends/followers/fans, and those people have friends/followers/fans. Social Media is most effective with the “sharing” aspect. 

When you use social media and someone has posted something you like, you “like” it on facebook, “retweet” it on twitter, “pin” it on pinterest, “love” it on instagram. While some of these actions are “shared” with people. The one key element is that “liking” on Facebook doesn’t “share it” with your friends/followers/fans. On twitter, a retweet will share something with your followers, but it’s also important that you followers know why you are sharing it. 

As a business owner with a facebook page (and managing multiple client business pages), I know that few people actually “share” something they see. Whether it be because they like it, see a value in it, or find it funny, they don’t usually share it. They may like it or comment on it, but rather share it. 

As a business owner, it is important that if you are a fan of a page, that you engage with the owners, share our comments, pictures, posts, etc with your friends/followers. You never know who of your own friends might find a larger value in something than you did. 

So the next time you see something on facebook, twitter, pinterest, or instagram, whether it’s of value to you or not, share it, retweet, repin it, or love it. Let your social media friends have an extra connection, wouldn’t you want your friends and followers to share what you post?