Link Building Strategies

Search Engine Optimization has a number of factors that determine how your page ranks. Link Building is one of those factors. Having a solid Link Building strategy can help to establish a good foundation for your Search Engine Rankings with Google, Bing and Yahoo. There are three ways to build your link building ratings.

Content, Promotions, Social Media

Building quality content that has internal links and external links built directly into your content not only helps your search engine rankings, but it provides your readers with quality links to support your details.

Content can range from webpage content, white papers, viral content that is fun and informative, infographics, videos, and the ever popular controversy content. Content on your site that people want to share, is a great way to build links back to your site.

Promotions are a great tool for link building strategies. Press Releases will provide links back to your site, as will e-books, daily deals, contests, advertising and apps. These elements as part of your link building strategy will help to build a solid search engine ranking, inform customers, and provide various outlets of content to your site from outside sources.

Social Media elements as part of your site and part of your link building strategy will provide visitors to your site and your social media platforms with a way to share information they come across. Including links in your social media posts that link back to your site will build those inbound links, improving your search engine rankings. The ability for users to information with a click of a button increases the chance for additional inbound links, that your valued customers and loyal customers will share with their friends and associates.

Link building isn’t just about having just anybody link back to your site. It’s about having those individuals and businesses who will help support your business as it grows, to share valuable and pertinent information that your potential customers can use to measure your credibility, begin to form a relationship and to ultimately become a customer.