Do You Know Your Market

Some people don’t check their mail for weeks, others throw junk mail away, others use email for all communications, and some prefer to use the internet and social media. It is important to know your market as a whole, and as segmented. 

Your market may be wide, whoever, the audience for each is not. It is easier, and more successful to develop several different markets that all fall into one. By breaking your wide and large audience out into smaller segments, you can better manage the message, the conversation, the communication method, and measure the results. 

Each segmented market audience should include several varying factors, most importantly a persona. This persona identifies the user of your market by their likes, dislikes, technology, transportation & communication methods and anything else that will help you identify with the user. Additionally, each segmented market should include a specific message, call to action/landing page, and success measurements. 

You may have anywhere from 5 – 100 differing market segments that all roll up into your wide and large audience. But knowing your market will ensure that your customer feels a personal connection with you and your brand. Other benefits include the ability to track more accurate responses and conversation management via the critical customer platforms that you have indicated in your initial review and setup.

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